May. 22nd, 2005

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It has occurred to me, more than once, that I haven't updated this journal in almost three months, which isn't really kosher. I mean, I'm constantly reading Live Journal, shouldn't I contribute in some way?

So first, I apologize to all you nice LJ people whose interesting entries I've been reading for the last three months. You're nice folk, and I appreciate being able to glimpse into your lives.

Second, I apologize to all you fanfic writers whose stuff I've be reading. I know you like comments, and I try to leave one occasionally, but I mostly read them at about 7:30 a.m. just before running to the subway (my life has been totally hectic lately, what with jobs and all), so take it as read: You're a really interesting and accomplished bunch o' writers. Enough said.

Finally, I suppose I should add something current. Okay, here it is: The S.O. told me, after reading some online discussion groups, that apparently there was five minutes pulled from this week's Dr. Who because of a football match (in U.S. terms, a soccer match). He said that reaction tended to be understanding, because this was an important football match. I'm wondering if there are any non-football fans who might be annoyed by this... I know that I like baseball, but I'd get testy if my favorite show was editing down -- no matter how carefully -- take make way for an extra inning.
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Just saw the latest Doctor Who. Really creepy -- there was one scene that was really nasty, in a good, head-under-the-covers way.

Spent the day wandering around the Metropolitan Museum. Went to the Temple of Dendur for the first time in years. Noticed all the 19th century graffiti that had been etched into this several-thousand-year-old Egyptian temple -- English gentlemen using their penknives to carve their names into incredibly ancient ruins. And they complain about spraypaint on the subways....


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