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It has occurred to me, more than once, that I haven't updated this journal in almost three months, which isn't really kosher. I mean, I'm constantly reading Live Journal, shouldn't I contribute in some way?

So first, I apologize to all you nice LJ people whose interesting entries I've been reading for the last three months. You're nice folk, and I appreciate being able to glimpse into your lives.

Second, I apologize to all you fanfic writers whose stuff I've be reading. I know you like comments, and I try to leave one occasionally, but I mostly read them at about 7:30 a.m. just before running to the subway (my life has been totally hectic lately, what with jobs and all), so take it as read: You're a really interesting and accomplished bunch o' writers. Enough said.

Finally, I suppose I should add something current. Okay, here it is: The S.O. told me, after reading some online discussion groups, that apparently there was five minutes pulled from this week's Dr. Who because of a football match (in U.S. terms, a soccer match). He said that reaction tended to be understanding, because this was an important football match. I'm wondering if there are any non-football fans who might be annoyed by this... I know that I like baseball, but I'd get testy if my favorite show was editing down -- no matter how carefully -- take make way for an extra inning.
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...I had to get this one out of my system. This is an SG-1 post-Moebius II short, sort of a speculation of what may have come later. It's not beta'd, and written quickly, so apologies to all....

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I haven't left any journal entries lately, so I thought I'd contribute some brief reactions to the episode Threads from a Brooklyn household. The players: One female who reads about fan stuff on LJ and other sites; one male who just enjoys the program.

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Just saw the latest SGA episode -- Brotherhood? Yeah, that's it. Anyway, reaction in the following cut:

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Just wanted to take a moment to wish everyone a healthy, happy, and productive (in whatever way you measure productive) year.

And a general thanks for all the great reading.
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As if I had nothing else to do, we watched the pilot episode of Wonderfalls last night, a series conceived by the same guy who came up with Dead Like Me. For some totally unaccountable reason, Fox picked it up, and as soon as they realized what they had (an intelligent and truly quirky series), they dropped it like a hot coal. So we're going to enjoy, and became attached to, a series that we know ahead of time aired four episodes. I really, really, shouldn't do that.

Meanwhile, I'm enjoying [ profile] troyswan's AU SG1 snippets enormously. Jes' sayin'.
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So yesterday I shlepped to the post office, clutching in my sweaty little hands the Stargate novel proposal for Fandemonium books. Got it in just under the wire -- according to the instructions, it had to be postmarked by November 30th (luckily, they don't have to receive it by November 30th; the clerk told me that it would get there in 4-10 working days). Made me crazy trying to make the deadline -- it's been a busy month -- but at least that's one thing I've finished that doesn't have to do solely with generating income.


Nov. 23rd, 2004 09:43 am
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So my Significant Other asks me to check the bus schedule for the next express bus into Manhattan. He thinks there's a 9:30 bus; I check, nope, it's 9:39. What I didn't realize is that I'm checking last year's schedule; there is a 9:30 bus, and he misses it. Calls me from the bus stop. He's got to wait for the 10:01 now.

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It's been an extraordinarily weird month. Right now, I'm dealing with a huge amount of work, an attempt to take time for my own writing (which isn't really happening), and I'm trying to make time to accompany my cousin to the doctors -- she's got some very weird and painful condition that nobody up in British Columbia was able to properly diagnose, so she's here to see some expert doctors. Paying with her charge card, which scared the lumbar puncture guys so much that they didn't want to accept her at first, until the International Services folks (who are there to help visitors from other countries who are coming to the hospital) got involved. Which keeps striking me as weird, since my cousin grew up in New Jersey...
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The Significant Other and I have decided that Dead Like Me is one of the best series on TV today (with the exception of Stargate, of course...). Last Sunday's episode, which we saw last night, just left us speechless. Well, not speechless (because nothing short of a removal of his vocal cords would make the S.O. speechless), but just amazed.

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Don't know if anyone else has posted this, but the British company that recently published two Stargate novels (including juliefortune's, which I'm now waiting to be delivered from is now publicly advertising for query submissions. So many good writers here, I thought I'd pass it on here, just in case.
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The Significant Other and I were going through some old tapes recently, and found a taped broadcast (sans commercials) of First Contact, which was the first (and possibly the only) good ST:TNG movie. Actually, it wasn't just good -- we both loved it, and place it among the top three of Trek films.

Which made me realized that we -- the S.O. and myself, and my best friend, for that matter -- have yet to see the final TNG film. Considering that all three of us were rabid TNG fans for many years, that always struck us as a bit strange -- until we remembered what friends had told us (vaguely, true, but still...) about the ending. Which none of us were particularly eager to see. So we all decided to practice denial as the better part of valor.

Same thing happened with the third Alien film. I liked the first, was wild about the second (unusual for me, inasmuch I'm not at all a horror fan), and when I heard about the beginning of the third, I just was Not Interested. Not at all.

Those are the only two I can think of. Didn't even consider not watching Stargate during the Daniel-less season, even though I thought the series had really lost something by his absence, and got positively bored on occasion. Perhaps because it's so much easier to avoid a movie than it is a TV series.

Anyway... that what I was thinking about today. Not very deep, but then, I'm in a wading mood....
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I just found out that, which was slated to be closed by eBay (which bought it some time ago) on October 14th, is going to remain open indefinitly. Which I am very happy about -- I've been buying, and selling, books on for years now, and I was very upset it was going away.

Mainly because, I'm not really an auction person. I've never had that much success on eBay, I don't have the patience to deal with its intricacies, or the time limits of an auction. If I want to buy something, I just wanna buy it. Period.

And I was very happy just listing a few books on, and letting them sit there for months (or years) until somebody somewhere decided they wanted to buy it for few bucks. When went away, I was going to either list my used books with Amazon (which doesn't have nearly as easy a system, and also makes you renew the listing frequently), or just give them all to the library. This way, I make a few dollars along the way. And it's a good place to pick up used books.
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I'm in a nice bit of trouble, I confess;
Somebody with me has had a game.
I should by now be a proud and happy bride,
But I've still got to keep my single name.
I was proposed to by Obadiah Binks In a very gentlemanly way;
Lent him all my money so that he could buy a home,
And punctually at twelve o'clock to-day-

There was I, waiting at the church,
Waiting at the church,
Waiting at the church;
When I found he'd left me in the lurch,
Lor, how it did upset me!
All at once, he sent me round a note
Here's the very note,
This is what he wrote:
"Can't get away to marry you today,
My wife won't let me!"
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You know, sometimes a song is so entrenched in your head with a certain voice that when you hear it with somebody else -- even when that somebody is more authentic -- it's a shock. For example, can you hear anybody else than Jimmy Cagney sing "Yankee Doodle Dandy"? In fact, since it's not a song that's in many repertoires these days, I doubt a whole lot of people have.

So I'm listening to our Whitburn collection for 1905, and we've got a guy named Billy Murray (who was apparently a wildly popular singer for several decades) doing Yankee Doodle, and it just sounds -- weird. Even though Jimmy Cagney was about six years old in 1905, and this guy is singing it when it's actually top of the charts -- it just sounded wrong. And now he's doing "Give My Regards To Broadway." Same problem...

Anyway, those are my thoughts for the day. I guess I should also comment on this week's Stargate, but I've got a date to watch "The Man Who Could Work Miracles." I'll try later, or just offer opinions on other's journals...
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First of all, I want to apologize to the three or four people who actually read my LJ entries for letting this go for over a month. I have occasionally commented on other folks' entries, but that really isn't enough. If I'm going to have an LJ journal, I should at least pay attention to it.

Anyway, I do know y'all are out there, and when my freelance workload lessens a bit, and when other problem are resolved, I hope to be a more enthusiastic writer. Meanwhile, thanks for all the really good fic that's here. I'm having a great time reading it.
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Maybe it's just me, but can I grouse a bit and say that the latest Atlantis episode made absolutely no sense to me?

Suspicion  )

Okay, sorry. Rant over. I'll just go back to admiring Stargate SG-1 now, which I've been very impressed with this season.
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Things have been a bit slow lately, but I got a chance to do something really, really neat last week: I was given a ride on the Fujifilm blimp. Four of us and a PR person took a 45-minute trip starting from Floyd Bennett Field (the first airfield in the NYC area, now no longer used) and took a flight along the coast of Brooklyn, past Coney Island and Bay Ridge, up past the Verrazzano Bridge and close enough for a view of the Statue of Liberty and the southern tip of Manhattan (although it was too misty to see very clearly).

It was great. Unlike in a plane, we went slowly enough and steadily enough so we could take lots of pictures and locate buildings and places from the air -- and see them from a new perspective. (Never realized there were that many backyard swimming pools in Bay Ridge. And the local high school has a full-sized football field behind it -- who knew?) We got to sit with one of the pilots in front and ask questions about their really neat GPS system. (Both pilots were Australian -- they said it was just a coincidence; we decided there was a secret society of Austrialian Blimp Pilots.)

Anyway, I've put some pictures on line, just in case anyone would like to see what it looks like. Right here.... )

Anyway, it was lots of fun.

TV Time

Jul. 6th, 2004 08:13 am
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This weekend seemed to be our time for trying out new, mostly British fantasy programs. And, of course, the Stargate Lowdown.

First: Strange )

Second: Dark Knight )

Third: Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased) )

Finally: The Stargate Lowdown )
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